Glass Sticks and Bricks Fund

Donor Advised

The Glass Sticks and Bricks Fund supports the restoration and preservation of the 120 year old Manistee First Congregational United Church of Christ which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.  Leaded glass windows, two of which are Tiffany glass, were installed over 100 years ago and all are all in need of repair or restoration. Over the last two years restoration efforts including repairing the clock tower, which holds a Nels Johnson clock, and waterproofing the entire building using funds that raised ($28,000), donated ($50,000) or borrowed from our Church endowment ($50,000). 

The Tower Project, Phase 1, was completed in June of 2013 and the Window Restoration, Phase 2, will begin in April of 2014 with four windows already funded or adopted. Phase 3 will involve the replacement of the slate roof and Phase 4 will be the restoration of the sanctuary organ.


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