Laura Heintzelman
President & CEO
(231) 723-7269

Grant Criteria & Principles

The Mnistee County Community Foundtion accepts and administers gifts from many sources to help meet the needs of the community.  The Foundtion serves two important constituencies: support for donors to optimize their charitble interests, and for local qualified organiztions to support wide range of services tht benefit the community. 

How Does An Orgniztion Apply For Grant?

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Manistee County Community Foundation to discuss their organiztion projects or needs. Foundation staff can provide further details on the grantmaking process and can provide information needed to submit proposal.

Some Foundtion grants are discretionary, while other grants are competitive with applictions reviewed by independent grant-making committees.  Some grants are made from Funds designated by donors for specific organizations and institutions.  Usually 1-2 times per yer, the Foundation will issue Request for Proposals to alert organiztions about specific funding opportunities. 

Foundation staff and Grant Review Committee volunteers carefully review all applictions. The Board of Directors makes all final funding decisions.

We encourge you to call and talk with Foundation staff before you prepare and submit proposal.  To discuss your grant appliction interests, please contact the Foundation at 231-723-7269. 

Eligible Entities

Grant applictions are accepted from organiztions recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, schools, and units of government that serve the Manistee County are.

Individuals interested in applying for scholarship should refer to the scholarship section of this web site.

Criteria for Grant Making

Grant applictions will be evaluated in part on the following organizationl charcteristics:

  • Staff capacity/organizational capacity to complete project
  • Sound fiscal policy and responsible financial management
  • Board of Directors and staff composition that reflects the organization’s constituencies and ability to complete the proposed project 
  • Capacity to measure results and conduct program evaluation 
  • Evidence of collabortion and cooperation with other organizations where appropriate 
  • Understanding of and ability to describe the relationship between the proposed project and other services and service providers within the community 
  • Base of community and organizational financial and program support